VR AR XR Collaborative Training Platform –

Medical, Healthcare, Industry and Defence

The Live XR Collaborative Training Platform

Trainer led workshops, courses and role-play scenarios

Interactive, realistic and customized products and environments

Web Console with full 4D recording of every session

Web, VR, AR and Smartphone access from any location

Low-cost licencing model for efficient deployment and management

Innovations in IntellioXR

Multi-hardware access

Low cost, easily accessible devices can be used by different participants at any time.

Roleplay Scenarios

No more fixed script, robotic training – a real actor can play the role of any in scene character – realistic movement, hands, voice and look.

Interactive Group Objects

Pick up, manipulate, give and take objects to achieve the necessary objectives in the digital space.

Full Recordings

Every point movement in every session is recorded in our unique format for relay later. Every training record is available for review and can be seen and heard from any angle on a desktop or mobile device.

What is it?

Harmony Studios are an award-winning AR/VR studio and won funding from InnovateUK to develop a post Covid, Carbon reducing training platform in 2021.


The resulting framework is now on commercial release and allows organisations to deliver flexible, accurate, structured training to group members at any time and location.


All participants exist in a single virtual space which allows them to talk, gesture, interact together and exchange objects under the guidance of a trainer.


All booked sessions are recorded in “4D” allowing later replay by candidates and organisations with full audio and the ability to review from any angle.

How does it work?

IntellioXR is hardware brand independent – participants can use their own devices (BYOD) by installing the free iOS/Android/Oculus/Windows app or use preloaded kit. No technician or expensive hardware is needed.


Users can perform solo training at any time or join a pre-arranged group session which works in the same way as a Zoom or Teams meeting. The difference is that we don’t stream everyone’s faces, users are present in the same Virtual Space (or “Metaverse”) and able to interact with the digital environment around.


Augmented/Mixed Reality participants can see the digital content in their own environment with other participants moving and talking around them.
Virtual Reality users are immersed in the Holodeck and digital content presents all around them.


Trainers, uniquely, manage everything via a simple desktop application which allows them to deliver their expertise without the concern of the latest headsets or apps.

Where can it be used?

IntellioXR can be used in any learning environment where visual learning is favoured to deliver greater understanding and retention. Examples include understanding complex equipment and products, critical processes or dealing with difficult situations.

In the healthcare industry, for example, we present complex moving anatomy with the ability to see blood clots forming around the body and advancing to a stroke or, for social care, a view of home locations and a role play character discussing their medical situation.

In industry, we present equipment which needs to be maintained and understood by many geographically dispersed operatives of differing first languages or to train people in locations that are difficult to access or co-ordinate.

Visual learning through XR is a future tech which increases accessibility, reduces cost, removes travel miles and increases the number of training sessions available to staff.

Would you like to know more?

You are welcome to install the IntellioXR app and try some demo content or contact us for a live demo walkthrough.