Augmented Reality and Remote Training

Augmented Reality can be a huge benefit when training staff.



Companies providing products and services require the ability to train and support staff. this is to obtain high standards of safety, efficiency, revenue and product life. Examples include; suppliers of vending machines, medical equipment, fire safety products and many more.

This training has traditionally been carried out by mobile technical teams on location. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, this could be an issue. COVID-19 has created the issue of proximity, group availability, and working in places with confined spaces. Which therefore prevents these vital activities from happening. 

intellioXR dashboard UI on iPhone


Working with Augmented Reality provides a highly effective solution to this problem. During the last four years, Harmony has developed a low language, visual-based training platform. With large clients, we have piloted prototypes.


The results have surpassed targets! Firstly, for increasing customer knowledge of product use and maintenance. Secondly, reduced response time for issue resolution. Thirdly, lower carbon emissions through reduced travel distances for technicians. And finally increased product availability and increased safety knowledge.


Delivering our training in a digital format, contextually related to the user’s environment it allows interactive, icon-driven, module-based learning. And users can carry out training at a pace that suits their availability, understanding and learning capacity.


In addition to overcoming issues of first language, physical ability, availability and proximity, the system records the training of each individual. These results digitise their training records and offer troubleshooting resolution immediately without the requirement for technical support calls.



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