The Perks of using Virtual Reality to Train Employees

Covid-19 has affected businesses in many ways throughout the past year, however, training is one area that should not have been! With an increasingly remote based workforce, we have developed the perfect online training platform! Not only does this benefit businesses during a time where working from home has become the new normal, but afterwards too. Firstly, the platform makes training available in a bring your own device manner. This is great because employees can learn at a time & place that suits them. So no need for large group gatherings.


IntellioXR uses virtual, augmented and mixed reality. In other words, we create realistic working environments and experiences, without the need for training events.

The platform is an easy to use system, making it perfect for the management and delivery of enterprise-level training.

Trainers can view and control different scenarios from their desktop, whilst trainees use Headsets (VR) or smartphones (AR), enabling active feedback and interaction.

IntellioXR offers many unique features. Some of which include:

  • Focussed training with tutor-led instructions
  • Online Group or individual based experience
  • Unique Trainer hub control and interaction
  • Live talk and feedback
  • Record, re-run and replay
  • Online training records

Additionally, training staff using virtual reality can help reduce business costs.

Here are some examples of how:

  • Less travelling for trainers and staff
  • Reduces training hours, and can work around the employee’s timetable 

Virtual Training has been proven to improve data retention, this benefits many business sectors including Healthcare, Construction, and Retail.

Healthcare training is extremely risky. Virtual reality can create realistic high-pressure environments. This is a plus for the health sector. Risk is eliminated without the need for living patients. Online training allows training can be revisited, therefore, Trainees confidence & skills can grow without additional monitored training sessions.


A study by PWC found that Virtual Reality can train staff 4 times faster than in the classroom, improving efficiency. And, trainees are likely to feel 275% more confident when applying skills. Trainees also felt far more focused and connected than in the classroom. 



Can this benefit your business?

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